Asset Finance

Asset finance is used by hundreds of thousands of companies throughout the UK as it allows their business to grow at the pace they would like.

It is likely that you will need to make a significant investment in a new asset at some point in the growth of your business. Asset finance makes that day come sooner and makes that day easier to survive!

This could include the purchase of any number of assets but could include a new computer system and software, new machinery and equipment, or a new motor vehicle such as a van.

Whether you are a private individual or a business you are probably looking at the price of your new asset and wondering how you are going to afford the one off, large payment required to make your purchase. It could be that your own cash reserves have diminished, your overdraft limit only allows for normal peaks and troughs of cashflow and/or your bank are being their usual unhelpful selves! This is where asset finance from an independent source can help.

Asset finance can offer a flexible alternative to a normal loan, providing cash flow and tax benefits. It is secured on the asset being provided and differs from a loan in that the finance cannot be recalled during the lifetime of the agreement. The item or equipment can usually be updated or replaced at the end of the lifetime of the agreement, or during the period of the agreement by settling off the loan early.

The two main forms of asset finance are hire purchase and leasing

Both products spread the cost of your equipment. Simplicity is why most people choose one or the other.


Invoice Finance

Often called cash flow finance, invoice discounting, or factoring, the cash generated from invoices due to you can often help deal with:

  • Tight cash flow
  • Start up finance
  • Expanding your business
  • Winning new contracts
  • Or just getting enough cash from your hard work, to live better

The costs of an invoice finance facility can be lower than you may think as the credit control function of a business can usually see a benefit in reduced costs as invoices are often chased by the provider of the cash flow finance facility. Administration is also improved and that in turn brings cost savings to the business. And of course having cash in a business when its needed relieves stress and makes the business more secure and more flexible.

Input Loans

At First Independent Finance Limited we understand the importance of helping our clients make confident choices when arranging their agricultural finance and, in particular, creating specialist finance products like our Farming Inputs Finance facility.

Short Term Finance for Agricultural Inputs such as:

  • Seeds
  • Feed
  • Fertiliser

A simple 12 month unsecured finance solution to spread the cost of your inputs.

Applying couldn't be easier. Obtain your quotation from our calculator and apply online.

Alternatively, call our Inputs Finance team on 0800 230 0988 and they will deal with your enquiry and your needs efficiently, quickly and professionally.

As one of the country's largest asset finance providers, we arrange farming finance for agricultural businesses, just like yours, all over the UK.

Our appetite for credit is extensive. Unlike some of our competitors, we do our upmost to help. We work harder to make deals happen!

Most of all, we want you to feel good when you deal with First Independent Finance Limited


There are a variety of reasons why commercial mortgages are sought by people, from buying a commercial property to run a business from, to re-financing an existing premises in order to inject capital into an existing business, whatever the reason, you are always advised to speak to a specialist financial services firm like First Independent Finance who has suitable experience in arranging, brokering and negotiating commercial mortgage packages.

Purchasing a business or commercial property is traditionally speaking, not so easy. Generally commercial lending can be a complicated, time consuming exercise. We make obtaining a business mortgage or commercial mortgage easy, trouble free and surprisingly fast.

We also have specialist knowledge in agricultural mortgages. Have you ever thought about your farming finances and considered:

  • Why has my overdraft not reduced over the past few years?
  • Why do I seem to have endless bank fees?
  • Why do I feel that my business is being run by the bank rather than by me?

Could it be because your finances are structured using a short term, immediately recallable bank overdraft facility, rather than a longer term option?

If your bank facility is less than 70% of the value of your farm you could find it much easier to take control of your finances by moving from overdraft to mortgage.

We often see businesses who have large overdrafts, little by way of long term finance, but who are asset rich in property terms. For these clients a switch from overdraft to a mortgage could be very cost effective. To see if you could save money, use our quick calculator


In times like these when businesses are experiencing growth, it is easy to forget the control of business overheads which, if left unchecked, can heavily impact on the profit the business is making and can chip away at all the hard work done. One such overhead is the company insurance premium, which as we all know has the tendency to creep up each year and can amount to a considerable expense.

First Independent Finance has teamed up with a major insurance provider with the aim of providing a high quality and good value service for our customers. If your business would benefit from lower insurance premiums and you would be prepared to potentially change provider, please call Gayle on 0800 230 0988 and we shall do our very best to reduce your premium.


Renewable energy equipment like wind turbines and biomass energy solutions can be an expensive investment, whether you are upgrading an existing machine or purchasing brand new equipment..

As one of the UK's leading renewable energy finance companies, wind turbine finance providers, biomass heating funding arrangers and asset finance brokers, we have strong experience in providing the very best asset finance solutions, as well as other heavy-duty equipment for all kinds of industries. And we don't charge you a penny for arranging this business finance.

Online Calculator

Do you sell equipment on your website? Are you one of the many hundreds of dealers who have a "Finance" tab which doesn't really do anything? Would it help you sell your equipment if you had a "Finance" tab which actually quoted asset finance payments? What if that asset finance calculator also collected prospects' information including what equipment the prospect was considering and their contact details? Would that make your chances of closing that sale increase?

Are you selling to the construction, engineering, agricultural, haulage or print market places? In fact do you sell capital equipment of any type? Do you sell that equipment, or seed, or feeds or fertiliser via your website? Do you need an asset finance calculator or farm finance loan solution to make life easy for your potential clients?

The perfect answer is only a click away! Our easy to use Get a Quote finance calculator widget will give your customers an instant quote that could help you secure a sale via your website.

Use the application form below to obtain the code you need to embed a Get a Quote finance calculator or short term farm finance loan calculator today!