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    Invoice Finance

    Often called cash flow finance, invoice discounting, or factoring, the cash generated from invoices due to you can often help deal with:

    • Tight cash flow
    • Start up finance
    • Expanding your business
    • Winning new contracts
    • Or just getting enough cash from your hard work, to live better

    The costs of an invoice finance facility can be lower than you may think as the credit control function of a business can usually see a benefit in reduced costs as invoices are often chased by the provider of the cash flow finance facility. Administration is also improved and that in turn brings cost savings to the business. And of course having cash in a business when its needed relieves stress and makes the business more secure and more flexible.

    Invoice finance is not right for everyone, but for well run businesses where cash is tight as a result of having to offer credit terms to your clients, its often a very sensible approach to obtaining the vital cash your business needs.

    If work has been done or sales have been made, and this has been invoiced correctly and can be confirmed as genuine then up to 70% of the value of the invoices can be released as cash immediately.

    As banks look to reduce overdrafts, many clients are being forced into the hands of the bank owned cash flow finance and invoice finance providers. If that is happening to your business First Independent Finance can help you find an independent provider.

    Invoice finance may offer:

    • A SECURE FORM OF FINANCE - The sales ledger is used to secure access to funds, so as your business grows, so does the amount of funds that can be made available to you!
    • ACCESS TO SPECIALIST EXPERTISE - Invoice financiers take an in-depth view of your business which includes taking into account the entire financial picture when making a funding decision.
    • FINANCE THAT GROWS WITH YOU - You get an immediate cash injection and an ongoing source of funding linked directly to current sales. As business grows and sales increase, so does the amount of working capital that the invoice financier can make available.
    • IMPROVE YOUR PROFITABILITY - Paying your suppliers early lets you buy in larger quantities and take advantage of any volume discounts available.
    • AN EXTENSIVE CREDIT HISTORY IS NOT REQUIRED IN THE UK - The sales ledger of the business is used to secure its access to funds. This means those businesses which may have been turned down for bank funding have a viable and trusted funding options.

    Over 40,000 businesses across the UK use invoice finance to support them at various stages in their business life cycle.

    If you would like to release up to 70% of the cash tied up in your invoices or if you would like to learn more on how invoice finance can help your business, please call Gayle on 0800 230 0988.