At First Independent Finance Limited we understand the uncertainty that people have when contemplating a change in their career. With our help, we know you can make a confident choice in trusting your future to FIF. Whether that be an external or internal Asset finance job , an I.T job , or a sales support role. All our people are important to us all the time

Our business has been developed to ensure everything is in place to allow our Sales Team maximum time to get on with selling, gaining and retaining customers and maximising their earning potential! whilst ensuring that our sales support people can experience rich and rewarding careers. At FIF we are all interdependent on one another, this ethos creates a strong sense of belonging.

Our business is built on:

  • Trust
  • Choice
  • Support

We want you to feel proud of being part of First Independent Finance Limited


Because people are important to us, our people trust FIF to help them develop their careers and to help change their lives by providing the support and choice needed to earn a substantial income. Successful people stay with FIF!

We make this possible by investing in people, systems & financial packages you can trust

We have a "light management touch", we trust our people and we believe this gives you freedom to grow within an organisation that is considered to be one of the most reputable providers in the asset finance market.

In our opinion, reputation is the single most important aspect of our business. We work hard to maintain the glowing reputation we have earned over the years


As one of the UK's leading asset finance providers, we only offer you the very best services and products, and the very best finance houses

At a time where the asset finance industry has undergone, and is still undergoing, greater change than at probably any time in its history, you should be assured that we have a strong, established panel of funders and we have an ongoing approach to the use of I.T. marketing to help you find new clients. And most importantly we are fully regulated by the FCA, with AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE status.

Why should your clients deal with several finance houses, when they can deal with one? Through you, with the support of First Independent Finance Limited


We provide the highest level of support for all our clients and indeed to our people. You can expect:

  • An excellent financial package
  • Great IT facilities and support
  • Excellent funders and rates
  • A head office support team that want to help
  • A management team focused on helping you achieve
  • National Account programme development
  • Ongoing training
  • In short, a family you will be proud to be a part of

Reasons to Believe:

Have a look at our Asset Finance Business Awards page, or read our Investors In People page. They provide tangible evidence that our business really does try to do things the right way, and, more importantly, support you in your future asset finance job.

Make your career bloom with FIF a refreshingly different approach which gives us, and therefore you, an edge over the competition.