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    We understand the importance of finding a home for your talents...

    First Independent Finance Group

    Join FIF and you become an Appointed Representative under our approved status as Principal. This means FIF assumes ultimate regulatory responsibility for your business. As an Appointed Representative you need not obtain authorisation from the FCA and you can simply get on with your day job.

    As FIF have already obtained Principal status from the FCA, joining us an Appointed Representative means you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that someone else will handle the administrative burden of complying with the regulator's requirements for you.

    Since our beginnings in 1999, we have been working hard to be admired by our peers...


    By doing the right things


    With the right people


    In the right way


    At the right time

    We have always strived to create a business where our people are valued and supported. That has been evidenced by our holding of Investors in People Gold Status. This is the highest level of accreditation that they offer.

    We are members of the NACFB and support their efforts vigorously. This helps us keep an eye on the future whilst dealing pragmatically in the present.

    This has resulted in us winning the Leasing World...

    UK Asset Finance Broker of the Year

    for 3 years in succession.

    Broker of the Year 2012 Award


    Broker of the Year 2012 Award


    Broker of the Year 2012 Award


    We don't just talk about winning. We are winners!







    Helping you make confident choices

    The heart of who we are and what we do

    Who we are

    Incorporated in 1999, we have been servicing the business finance market for many years and we are proud members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.

    Whether it's an asset finance transaction, a commercial mortgage, invoice finance, a personal car loan, general business insurance or a quirky finance deal that needs someone to listen, we are there for you.

    We can help you make a confident choice in selecting the most appropriate product for you or your business.


    What we do

    Our success has been built around the delivery of simple, easy and low cost business finance to our clients every day. We make finance a local experience as often as possible. A national company with local people who like to visit, and love being invited back!

    Our aim of making your experience excellent means that we strive to get it right first time, so customers don't have to jump through hoops and we can ensure time scales are met and assets are delivered on time.

    Why you'll love us

    Our awards include Investors In People Gold. We were winners of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 UK Asset Finance Broker of the Year, and we also won the 2012 European Asset Finance Broker of the Year. On top of this we were awarded a 2010 Service Excellence Award sponsored by ASDA.

    We are proud of our awards, we believe they offer tangible evidence that we have been progressive in the way we operate in the business finance marketplace by offering trust choice and support to all our customer groups and taking pride in the level of service that we provide in all transactions

    Many businesses talk of professionalism, service, attitude to people and leading edge practices. First Independent Finance can prove that its claims are not hollow rhetoric.

    "Another measure of the way you run your organisation is the number of people willing to join you and the extremely high retention rates you enjoy"

    Investors In People Gold Report


    We are an...

    Umbrella Organisation

    We have built a robust umbrella for our external people.

    Our systems, support structures, funding arrangements, marketing, finance and most importantly your fellow external and internal people help you be the best you can be.

    By doing what you excel at! Dealing with your clients.

    We get deals done, and we help you to gain and retain clients by supporting your efforts with our telemarketing and online lead generation.

    All done in an FCA Compliant manner.

    First Independent Finance Ltd

    The natural home for an appointed representative

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